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AFP1300-Automatic Foil Paste - رقاقة بقلاوة آلية

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AFP1300-Automatic Foil Paste رقاقة بقلاوة آلية

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- Special sheeter for baklawa
- Perfect layers of constant thickness
- Upside and downside rolling drums
- Natural movement of drawing and rolling
- Esay separation of final sheets

Specially designed for oriental sweet industries to roll or open all kind of the puff pastes, especially Beklava, as well as for pastries, Croissant, Mille-feuille …etc. This machine is fully automatic and can be easily programmed through a touch screen and save each program so an operator have only to switch the program and run the machine.

* This machine Guarantees constant thickness with no ties and waves in between the layers.
* Autonomic functioning, no operator needed when it's running.
* The operations are controlled by a PLC and high-tech sensors to insure a smooth and precise movement of the dough.
* A Touch screen, for human/machine communication, allows an easy data entry.
* Programming is very easy by entering the first thickness, final thickness and number of passes then save.
* Precise and strong scrapers for the upper and lower cylinders, easy to clean by simple rotating movement and without dismantling.
* Conveyor belts with differential speeds corresponding to natural movement and perfect operation.

- A heavy duty construction to support intensive work.
- All made of stainless steel 304.
- Rolling drums or cylinders length:130 cm.
- Hard chromium plated and rectified drums.
- Drums opening range: 60 to 0 mm with extremely fine progressive final lowering
- Product is accepted from 70mm max height.