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BC2000-Borma Cutter - قطاعة بورما


BC2000-Borma Cutter قطاعة بورما

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- Distinguished appearance.
- Perfect cutting edges.
- Precise cutting size.
- Different angles.
- Digital size selection.

This machine is designed to cut the already made “Borma” into equal pieces and in different angles for a distinguished appearance and presentation
* Perfect cutting edges and minimum product waste.
* A precise length of cut pieces is digitally adjustable from 5 to 60 mm.
* Two standard cutting angles, 0 and 20 deg.,can be easily switched.
* High production capacity, beginning from 70 pieces/min depending on material resistance.
* Maximum size of inserted rope of “Borma” is 60 cm length and 5 cm diameter. Other sizes are available upon special request.
* All safety precautions are conform to “CE” standard like knife door protection and emergency stop.
* All product paths and the knife housing are accessible for easy cleaning procedure.
* All made of stainless-steel.
* The machine is driven by two gear-motors 1/2 Hp each.