About Samtec

SAMTEC is a company founded in 1990. We are specialized in the manufacturing of machines used in bakeries and pastries and recently new machines have been designed to automate the oriental sweet industry.
As another line of manufacturing, SAMTEC is a leader in producing packaging machines such as filling machines, sealing machines, conveyors etc…
As for our most successful and almost unique line that SAMTEC is proud of, is our oriental sweet series produced since 1994. These machines are as follows:

1- Foil Paste Machine FP1300 (doughsheeter, specially made to roll or open the Beklawah paste).
2- Burma cutter (which cut the already made Borma in different sizes and angles).
3- Robotic Cutter. (which cut, in straight lines, equal pieces at different angles all food product of medium hardness like Baklawa, Ballourieh Assieh, inside your round or rectangular trays.
4- Paste molder aligner, PMA160. The PMA 160 can form the "Ghraibeh" and "petit-four" paste the shape you want and align it into your trays.

These four machines and since they were exposed at HORECA 2000 exhibition, they made a revolution in the oriental sweet industry due to the time they save in the manufacturing of Beklawah and Borma sweets. These two machines and two others are manufactured as a standard product and are distributed in almost all the Arab countries, Europe and the U.S.A.

The success of SAMTEC machines is due to its continuous work with our customers, side-by-side towards transferring most of difficult manual procedure to easy automated once. And the high quality of materials and accessories used according to European standard. We have successed in some ones to reach a 60% automation leading our customers to better productivity and higher earnings.

Some of our major customers are: “SEMIRAMIS” and “AL BABA El-moumtaza” which are the largest companies among the oriental sweet pastries.

For additional customers references, a list of our main customers and the products used in their industries is available.