BRZ600-SAMTEC Barazek machine - ماكنة لصنع البرازق

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BRZ600-SAMTEC Barazek machineماكنة لصنع البرازق

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Watch Video

-Hand made appearance and quality of Barazek.
-Autonomic operation.
-Applies pistachio and sesame.
-Two sizes of standard pieces.

- Capacity: 4500 - 5000 Pcs/hr.
-Two standard sizes of pieces easy to change.
-All controlled by Siemens PLC and display panel.
-Piece thickness is adjustable through the display panel.
- Pistachio and sesame amount are also adjustable.
-All hand dismantled for easy cleaning.
-All made of stainless steel.
-Overall dimensions : L=225cm, W=215cm, H=170cm.