IRDC600: Tray Irrigator & Dosing-Conveyor System

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IRDC600: Tray Irrigator & Dosing-Conveyor System آلة صقي القطر أو السمن

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Butter, ghee, or syrup liquid.
Uniformly distribute the liquid.
Digital Scale/Weight dosing.
Continuous in-line system.
Easy Washable by dish washer and water jet gun.

This machine irrigates and distributes uniformly hot liquid into rectangular trays, like butter, ghee or syrup. The IRDC 600-800 is equipped with a special dosing system to select the required , amount of liquid. The dosing is based on scale/weight system.
The IRDC 600-800 is an in-line system equipped with a belt conveyor. It accepts the trays from one side and releases them from the other side. It is also suitable to be introduced in continuous production line.

- Tray size from 60cmX40cm to 80cmX60cm.
- Controlled by Siemens PLC & Screen.
- Dosing system by scale/weight system.
- Weight digital display-Equipped with 4 load cells.
- Full made of stainless steel, grade 316 & 304.
- All liquid paths & bowl are easily removable for cleaning in the dish washer.
- The lower part can be cleaned by the water jet gun.